We and the Golden Twenties – „Styled Shooting“

You all will surely remember my fantastic wedding couple Marie and Ivo – for those of you who don´t  – find out the detailed story of their wedding here.

Anyway, Marie and Ivo had the glorious idea to make a business of their self-designed wedding walls/boards. In order to express the creativity of it they contacted/called me and we had the idea of a “Styled Shooting”- the motto they suggested was “The Great Gatsby” which I found really cool indeed. It would be an exciting experience to realise this idea!

Full of euphoria we started to develop a concept, organizing the whole thing – but first and foremost/above all we had to find service providers who did not simply want to participate, but also had got the knack for it.

No sooner said than done. After having found the right partners and done the necessary preparations for the shooting we could start. In freezing cold we finally arrived at Stixenstein Castle. But let me tell you one by one: Our fabulous hairdresser Christian Maldet (einMALIg) was the first to prove his skills – he decided for a soft fingerwave including a fantastic pinned-up hairstyle with a wonderful handmade hair pin by Luna Miller. After that our always upbeat make-up stylist Chris Oberreiter (MAC) could start. In the Twenties dramatically made-up eyes in combination with accentuated dark lips were a typical feature. He really got it!

After our “bridegroom” had dressed up, photos of the marvellous stationery were made. Sarah Zemliak (Atelier federleicht) had internalised the motto excellently and realised it by using structured paper, 1920s style font and geometric patterns.

After having shot the photos we continued with decoration, the wedding walls/boards and floristry – the latter one being realised by Karl and Sandra of SCHICK Blumenbinder. What can I say – simply love them! Once again they showed their perfect feeling and sense for the detail – everybody was impressed. The colour shades on the table ranged from a soft creamy-white to eucalypt-like green, gold and black, reflecting the style and decadence of the Twenties. In the background you can already see the awesome wedding wall/board – we get back on it later on. The impressive pieces of decoration Marie and Ivo had selected reflect their passion for this era.

One of the highlights of a wedding surely is the wedding cake by the fantastic Viktoria Pindhofer of Das Tortenhaus. As you will notice, this piece is completing the circle as for the stationery. 

It is gorgeous to see this red thread running through the whole concept – the cake in its entirety is simply flawless and superb, the patterns and colour shades enhance once more the motto of the shooting.

Now it was my turn and I could focus on the couple. Due to the fact that it was a winter day with much snow I decided to do the shooting in “Winter Wonderland”. The photos should be vintage, serene and sophisticated, reflecting the atmosphere of the Twenties. The love of the two should be put in the focus by calm postures; in spite of the low temperatures the couple was stunning. By the way, my heartfelt thanks to my mom who lent us her wonderful fake fur coat which fitted perfectly!

In order to capture the awesome scenery we also took pictures of the table outdoors.

Not to forget, Der Hochzeitsladen who contributed the glamorous wedding dress. Nina and Claudia even brought along three dresses – all of them so gorgeous we simply could not decide which one to take for our shooting. After some time we left it up to the “bride”. You can as well have a look at the other ones, the photos are here ;-). My favourite is the “mermaid dress”. Dear brides: SIMPLY DARE! There is no other style that enhances the silhouette like this one. Very special also the suit by Rotknopf  which matched perfectly.

A further highlight was the wedding wall/board of Marie and Ivo. They were not only responsible for the decorative objects on the table, but as well for the wedding wall/boards which they carefully and exclusively produce by hand for the bridal couples, according to the motto of the wedding.

The wedding wall/board was elegant and low-key so that the decoration could take effect. Their dedicated sense for detail cannot be matched!

Moving images, of course, could not be missing in our shooting. This was the part of the fabulous Christian Kremsl of Filmografie Christian Kremsl who even won an Austrian Wedding Award. Why he was one of the winners became clear when we started working and he convinced us with his professional work style.

It was a very fruitful cooperation and we all hope you can see it is worthwhile to pursuit a certain concept and to engage professionals. This shooting is a fine example for more inspiration – dare to be out of the ordinary, be fantastic, creative and individual!



Photos, organisation & concept: Mr. Right wedding photography

Organisation, concept, wedding wall/board and decoration: Die Hochzeitswand

Videography: Filmografie Christian Kremsl

Wedding dress & decoration: Der Hochzeitsladen

Suit: Rotknopf & Model

Waistcoat: Roman Stickler

Make-up: Christopher Oberreiter

Hairstyle: Friseur einMALIg

Jewellery, bow tie & shoes: Luna Miller

Floristry & decoration: SCHICK Blumenbinder

Patisserie: Das Tortenhaus

Stationery: Atelier federleicht

Models: Cari Cari

Location: Stixenstein Castle


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