The wedding that touched my heart

When I met Julia and Marco for the first time there were some special moments. Not only that I found them both very pleasant and we laughed a lot, there was also a little photographic challenge which turned out as not commonplace.

As Julia is – due to an illness – physically limited (she can stand only when being assisted) she wanted her wheelchair not to be in the centre of their wedding photos. I admit, this was at first sight no easy task and I needed a moment of reflection for I didn´t know how to put it into practice.
Well, after a few minutes ideas flowed. I then was really very happy when I heard that the two wanted me as their wedding photographer. Let´s simply start with the „getting ready“ – I hope you can relive the emotions of this wonderful day at least a bit!

Julia was getting herself ready in her hotel room for her big day where also her make-up was put on. Her wedding dress was a dream come true, following the motto: Glitter in the limelight – she bought it at „Mona Lisa bridal fashion“ in Vienna. When Julia was still wearing her everyday clothes I guessed it would be a very emotional day as the photos of her on the bed of the hotel room showed a singular atmosphere. You can clearly see the joyful anticipation which reflects in the faces oft the bride and her mother. Sharing these moments is one of the reasons why I love my profession so much.

After this the wedding started. Julia and Marco decided to have the civil and the church ceremony on the same day. Apart from the classic highlights like putting the wedding rings on, the kiss and lighting the candle my favourite moment was when Marco carried her to the altar. Not only my eyes suddenly filled with tears – this moment really was unique – not only for me, but as well for the other guests and, of course, the bridal couple.


Those touching scenes were followed by the agape, which, due to fantastic weather, took place outdoors. The next part oft he programme was the wedding banquet which was opened with sweet speeches and a little serenade by the parents for he couple.

Then the guests could enjoy an exquisite meal. You´ll surely ask yourself where the ceremony took place – I forgot to tell you: It was the comfortable ambiance of Kottingbrunn moated castle; the arcaded courtyard there is indeed a very elegant and impressive venue. I warmly recommend in any case to choose one single location for the wedding celebration – it´s stress-free, more enjoyable and convenient!

The opening dance of course was different from others one has known – as well for this reason I must say that I was moved to tears by the sincere closeness of this couple.

Another delicious highlight was the wedding cake, made by „Tortenhaus“ at Enzenreith which you can also see in the photos.

After the official highlights party, fun and games followed. Julia and Marco included traditional items in the programme, which were in no way old-fashioned. Dance games, „Maschkera“ (an Austrian tradition where the couple is teased) as well as carrying off the bride and „Kranzl abtanzen“ (every guest dances at least a few steps with bride and groom) were not missing. As you can see, those moments were very emotional and touching for Julia and Marco, a day to be remembered!

Those of you who want to know if there was an after-wedding shooting – here you are

A few days after the wedding it took place at the same location. As you can see in the pictures they enjoyed relaxed togetherness. Their happy faces when they again put on the wedding clothes and relived their most beautiful day was priceless. I was as well very happy being able to share those moments with them – hope you can see and feel the love!

Patrick, Mr. Right

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