Cheerful serenity with Veltliner and Riesling

The year 2017 was full of highlights – wonderful weddings and emotional moments.
Therefore I am all the more delighted that the last wedding of the year represented a suitable end of the season.
Only two months after they got to know each other Jonny asked his girl-friend Annelies the decisive question. Until their wedding, however, one and a half year passed. The closeness and intimacy these two warm and friendly persons radiate can hardly be put into words – simply a happy and blissful couple. If I had to find words to describe the wedding of this couple, I would use ”relaxed”, “familiar” and “soothing”. I remember with pleasure their most beautiful day which started on a sunny Saturday morning in the picturesque Wachau region. Jonny and Annelies had chosen the “Hofmeisterei Hirzberger” at Wösendorf (one of the best restaurants in the Wachau region). As to the wine list, there could have been no better choice. In any case, I was very impressed by this place. This part of Lower Austria has always attracted me. This time I was really overwhelmed, not only because of the lovely location, but also the natural and playful decoration which fitted perfectly.
As you know, I like detailed photos very much – you have certainly noticed it by looking through the first photos, but this time I really had to slow down, as there were so many nice little things I could photograph. For I am fond of dogs, I immediately fell in love with the bulldog of the bridal couple. In my opinion, with the son they are expecting their bliss will be perfect.

Moreover, it was a special occasion for me to accompany the bride when she was preparing for her most beautiful day. It is always fascinating how many pretty and inimitable moments can be captured to feel the excited and sentimental mood also later on. As you can see in the pictures, the guests meanwhile amused themselves perfectly having a few glasses of fine wine in beautiful surroundings.


A very suitable alternative was the fact that the programme of the wedding was not too strict which enabled a relatively relaxed and easy-going atmosphere that made the guests feel at home. By shooting the couple photos here and there I got pictures that perfectly reflected the atmosphere of this day, where bride and groom appear authentic.


Finally, the moment had come: Annelies entered the beautifully decorated hall with the waiting guests and saw Jonny for the first time this day. Although this moment is not unfamiliar for me, I must say, I am still deeply touched – this time as well.



After the ceremony was finished we could enjoy first-class cuisine at the lovely decorated wedding table. Food at its finest! After having released balloons the wedding guests enjoyed the rest of the evening very relaxed with a bottle of wine. As for me, I was still captured by the special contentment and atmosphere of this unforgettable day.

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