Love and Snow

Happiness is Love, nothing else – he who loves is happy …. and this love between two human beings consists as well of the beautiful moments I was able to share with this wonderful couple on a wintery day in February. I know, it may sound a bit kitschy (and it was indeed) because the two simply radiated such sweetness – still warms my heart when I think of it.

Constantine and Anna got to know each other at school. However, they only fell in love afterwards and now have been the perfect twosome for more than two years. They also brought along their sweet dog Kim who should take part in the shooting as well.

In spite of the snow and the cold weather, but thanks to a double layer of ski underwear we were not cold at all. We, however, did not consider a real winter shooting at the beginning, but due to the sudden and unexpected onset of winter both of them acted spontaneously and were willing to  cooperate in a kick-ass way.

It was more or less a hilarious/amusing winter walk including a snowball fight and, as you will see, both of them had a lot of fun!

On this occasion I once again realized how much I love my profession.

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