Nearly one year later – A cool after-wedding shooting at Wienerberg

Hooray, we´re starting and I am very pleased that I finally can show you the pictures of Isabella and Cem – when they asked me in 2016 if I could photograph their wedding I unfortunately had to refuse because I had already been booked by a different couple. I later on heard that their wedding and the party afterwards (which took place in the Restaurant „Motto am Fluss“) had been a complete success – fun, multicultural, lots of dancing and a relaxed atmosphere – going on till the early morning light. What a pity the party took place without me!

I was, however, really delighted when they contacted me nearly one year later – they had decided to book an after-wedding shooting.
This is the latest trend and I as well go totally crazy for it! Hooray! The wedding couple wear again the outfit of their most beautiful day which also includes  styling and make-up. The shooting then takes place in a totally relaxed atmosphere without pressure or stress. For Isabella and Cem I hired my well-tried and number one make-up artist Chris.


The exact coordination of the make-up with the rest of the colours and the style oft he photo session in general tells its own tale. This day we had a temperature of 35 degrees above zero, thus we all sweated a lot – but nevertheless the professional make-up resisted the heat – simply great! First-class service always pays off!
The bridal bouquet ( exclusively made for this day) was the next thing we got enthusiastic about. In this case I could again rely on a professional service company I have already been highly recommending for a long time; our florist Schick from Wiener Neustadt realized the motto vintage, casualness and simplicity once more perfectly.

We picked up the bouquet which was well-packed in the early afternoon and later on met in the Vienna flat oft he bridal couple. Unpacking it together we were totally thrilled and eagerly  looking forward to the shooting; once again I want to stress the quality, for the flowers as well resisted the tropical temperatures all day long and beyond.

The bridal couple was also very open-minded to the trendy vintage style which clearly shows in the next photos.


Ready, steady, go! From this moment on I again realized what I had already noticed on many other after-wedding shootings: From the moment the make-up artist started the couple put themselves in the magic mood as if they lived through the day of their wedding again – I love it!

The photos were taken at nearby Wienerberg, a recreational area- a fantastic location, proposed by Isabella. Once we visited it for the first time I found it marvellous – imagine such a large piece of nature in the middle of Austria´s capital. It ´s difficult to imagine – so much nature and peace! I was absolutely delighted and, above all, the weather conditions were perfect!

A wonderful day was topped off with delicious food and cool drinks, together with Isabella and Cem in relaxed atmosphere at the restaurant „Heuer“ at Karlsplatz.
Well, now you can finally flip through the results of this fantastic day. Hope you can feel the extraordinary heartiness and intimacy of this couple in the pictures.

Mr. Right

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